Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drive by Photography - Entertainment for Lynn

Because its fun and because it takes the boredom away and because I love taking pictures - 
I fling the window open and takes my chances.
This was taken going over the bridge at Ocean Isle Beach. We were looking for a place to park and snack. Its very private and apparently they don't like spontaneous drop ins. So we left.

This guy was in front of us and while we were waiting to pass him, I decided that I loved all the dodads hanging off his tractor. 

Little bit of speed swoosh going on but cool all the same. It was a quick grab as we flew by.

And this turned out perfectly. Well except for the power lines.
And who doesn't love a red barn. And more power lines. I could clone them out probably but its real life. Gotta have power.

Currently in Virginia Beach KOA - near the Naval Air Station Oceana - and the jets are aflying. Too bad its raining. Should be an interesting night.

1 comment:

  1. Great pics, Lynn! I love drive by shots! :-)


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