Sunday, May 18, 2014

Trying to relax and heal....

And it ain't easy when 2 out of 3 tanks I ordered came in the mail.I love the thick2thin tanks as they give me a bit more maneuvering and tend to not show all my sins while trying to rid myself of them. 

I like the crossfit slogans however I'm sure I'm getting them wrong -
On break the wall - I immediately went to wallballs
and on Scaled it 
I immediately went to that most of my WOD's are scaled 
and hallelujah a tank slogan to make me proud,
(because it is all about me-LOL)
 rethinking it now that I have time to think,
 I'm pretty sure they mean something more inspirational and motivating.

In the meantime, I only worked in 2 WODs because insominia rose its ugly head and I was afraid of working out, making a mistake because I'm overly tired and adding more time on an already (in my mind) long jail term. 
it hasn't stopped me from working with some dumbells 
and laying on the floor doing situps and modified pushups
 and anything else I can think of that can be done without using my feet.

Also on the heels of healing and driving myself crazy wondering what's happening
at the box without me, we're heading out to see the grands for 
a couple of weeks. 
Redirecting my already lame attention span is a great idea
AND, make the healing less painful.

Its the waiting......and not doing.


  1. hey, chin up!!! You'll get back there:):) I'm really proud of your drive to go the mile!

  2. Lynn, you are an inspiration just for doing ANYthing while in that boot! Keep your spirits up, the grands will help with that! :-)


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