Thursday, May 8, 2014

Watercolors, modeling paste & circle stencil

Hobbling along on boots and crutches is extremely annoying.
Therefore I didn't do a lot of moving to create this page.
I used scissors instead of my paper trimmer.
Modeling paste and the circle stencil as well as the watercolors
were at my finger times, AND
my waterfilled brush.
Of course the rest is really close at hand which is why no matter
how big my desk is I only have a 12x12 space to work in.
Kinda like a cacoon.

So the title - my gram used to say that.
And when I saw that photo - bam!
How could I not use it.

In fact, I need to be writing more of them down as they
are triggered. She was a hoot with them.

Hmmm I did get a bit carried away with the watercolors. 


  1. Wow, this is so cute!! I think it's a lot cuter when kids sleep with their mouths open. Not so much with adults. lol

  2. ooo Love the colors - photos of her always crack me up


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