Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tearing up the highway like a big ole dinosaur

And making U-turns at picturesque farms. Headed down the wrong path for a brief moment.  It was a pretty ride as we went through Green Mountain National Forest. The trees and mountains are beautiful

And horse farms. Love that I got this quick shot even if there's a bit of speed blur going on. 

And of course, as in any trip we take - there's dramatic skies.  I love how the clouds just kissed the mountain tops and before we knew we were in it. Pea soup and no views from atop the moutain.

Passing through an old town - this clock just happened to jump in my viewfinder. Love the nostalgia of it. And the old, wonderful towns we passed through were just an amazing jump back in time and the houses and shop fronts made me swoon. It was hard to take storefront shots because I kept getting the sideview mirror in there.

And a covered bridge that I didn't get on the first pass. It was like OMG! covered bridge as your brain is processing and then TOO LATE. However, we had to go back to town in order to get to the only real grocery store which was tiny and I was sooooo ready to catch this on the way back.
It makes a lovely screensaver.


  1. Gorgeous pics! The colors are so incredibly vibrant, I feel like I am there!

  2. dang Lynn the pictures are amazing!!!!


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