Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Working on a scrappy project

Which is taking time. I worked out yesterday and I'm really feeling it and since I also scrap standing up and *whining here* its really annoying that I have to pace myself. Therefore, I think I can stretch this puppy out for a few posts. LOL.
So get ready!

If you remember from Throwback Scrapbooking Thursday I picked some promising "lifts".
One of the them was the printer's tray.

Well right out of the gate,  their's is white and mine's not. 

And I've had it forever, well ok a couple years at least, because honestly, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. I used a baby wipe and found it was just a smidge dirty from hanging out under my desk for a couple whiles.

I decided that I'd go with white because I'm a copycat but mostly because the recipient has white decor. One coat wasn't getting it even though I was going for the shabby chic look. I love shabby chic- it makes me swoon.

 I decided another coat was needed with maybe a couple more paint overs for fun because I felt it looked - well smeared.

I stopped here because I was tired and really wasn't feeling it. Now I'm wondering if I should've left it black. However, since I was tired and annoyed that I was tired, I decided to let it perculate and see if I'm feeling it later. Although in hindsight I'll be putting pattern papers in there so I maybe didn't need to paint the entire thing. 

Now I all I need to do is pick pattern papers, embellishments and photos.
The easy part.


  1. Can't wait to see how this progresses, Lynn! I've found that spray paint works great for projects like this and give great overall coverage. :)

    1. Now you tell me Lisa!!! LOL! Although I've covered most up. Sigh.


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