Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Printer's tray challenge and 'lift' completed

Not bad for the first time out and I'm glad I had a blueprint
from the 2012 CK magazine.
I did learn a few things.
Spray paint the color on - to avoid streaks (thanks Lisa!)
unless you're going for the shabby chic look.
If you're going to cover up the sections - don't paint them.
If you're going to put papers on them - either make
the photos smaller OR just put the paper on a couple of sections.
Next time - I'm going to make the photos bigger
to avoid gaps.

I used simple stories patterned paper that you can't see except the outside
embellishments and straws because the photos covers them up.
Got some Studio Calico wood veneers, ticket and QK crab.

I'm really quite pleased. 
Hopefully Jill will be too.


I completed this printer's tray under much duress - 
last night was not a good night.
And it was a LONG night.
I had restless boot syndrome all.night.long.
My foot itched, twitched and ached.
And no amount of iBprofen, aspercreme and icing helped.
And when I finally drifted off, I'd twitch like I was electrocuted 
and wake right up. I finally just gave it up.
So after a restless no-sleep night - I didn't work out because
I was meeting up with my best pal Barbara whom I 
haven't seen or talked to in - like forever and I didn't want
to sleep walk through that.

Stay tuned for the reveal on Off the Rails Scrapbooking challenge due tomorrow which I totally forgot about.
(Honestly I got my days all wrong).
Working on it.


  1. This turned out awesome, Lynn! Sorry you've been so uncomfortable. :(

  2. gorgeous!! I have made three of these and thanks to you, want to do another one. Love the straws!!


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