Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Traveling from town-to-town on our way from NJ to NY

This just takes your breath away as you turn the corner going through this town. A courthouse couldn't be more majestic.

We drove up to High Point Monument and its very stately and big. Dramatic sky and it seems to follow us in our travels. No cloudy, grey for me - DRAMATIC. LOL. It has become an inside joke now.

Really really tall. Its 1800 feet tall and is a war memorial to honor the dead in the states of  NJ, NY and PA.

And then the winding road in Hawk's nest that Tom tells me was used in the Chevy commercials back in the day (see the USA in a Chevrolet). I can attest to its windy-ness. At least I wasn't hanging over the age as we zoomed over it. 

And then this Hotel popped up on my radar - and wouldn't you know we took another loop around time and that hotel.....

is next to the railroad.

How cool is that.

And stones are everywhere. Houses, bridges, fences. Love this bridge over the river.

And more storefronts and houses on Main Stree USA.

And a church tower. 

And we made a couple of new friends getting to our campground that was way way way out in the boondocks.


  1. Boy that looks like a perfect motorcycle road!

    I love stone also...even more of that in upstate NY and New England.

  2. I love looking at your travel pictures:):) keep them coming:)


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