Monday, May 12, 2014

First day back at Crossfit

And this is week 34, (like who's counting LOL). And there's my fancy footwear workout attire. The sneaker actually evens out with boot so I don't rock around like a weeble.
Since there is no running, no jumping, no weights. Dumb-bells didn't count and I worked them from the flloors - doing push presses and fliers (kinda like spreading the ole wings).
 It was tougher than it looked and another area to work on. 
Then I did what I normally do v-ups, leaning squats (staying off the bum foot) and more dumbbell work - push presses standing up. 10 each and I managed 5 rounds in 9 minutes. 
Came home and took a 2 hour nap - after relaxing in the pool - which felt good on the foot since it was 81 degrees and cool (for me). 

I'll be there with boot on tomorrow!


  1. You amaze me! Keep it up!
    I hope you heal quickly!

  2. You go girl, that's the way to keep it going! :-)


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