Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday cupcakes and top spinning

It was grandpop's birthday again.
So birthday cupcakes were in order after having grilled out.

Uncle Allen and Owen enjoying the cupcakes.
It appears Annie loved them too.

Mom & Annie enjoying the smores cupcakes - what's not to love - except chocolate all over mom's dress.

Owen was not quite as messy as Annie.

And Annie shared.

Owen started the top spinning game.

Everyone had a turn and had to spin the top into the hole where the umbrella would normally go.

Rules were made as the game progessed.

And points were determined by Owen. His mom won hands down as she figured out how to spin it just right. It was all in the wrist.

In remembrance.
Have a beautiful day.


  1. Cupcakes are always a good thing. :) Looks like everyone was having fun!

  2. Yum! Now I want a cupcake, and it's 9 in the morning! :-)


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