Friday, May 9, 2014

Boot Baby Steps

It took 3 days out of the week to get it all together since we decided to not go the emergency room route. I had extremely high hopes that it would be a temporary thing that would go away with ice and ibprofen so why waste an ER visit.

My extremely high hopes were dashed Monday morning.

Fortunately I have a great doctor that saves emergency spots and was able to work me in and get me a scrip for an xray. On day two I got a diagnosis of nondisplaced fracture and a referral to a podiatrist.

On day 3 I got my boot.

I get to wear the boot everyday along with using crutches for at least 3 weeks. Once the pain subsides I can go crutchless, and another xray to check progress.

On the 4th day I decided to check out the logistics of doing a crossfit WOD.
I located dumbells in the closet, dusted off the cobwebs and tried bicep curls. And then I remembered they could be substituted for one armed KB swings. Now the floor work. I decided on situps and modified push ups.
                               Thursday WOD - 3 rounds
                                 20 one armed KB swings with a dumbell                        (10 each arm)
                                 20 sit ups
                                 20 push ups

I was able to squat down and pick up the dumbell and stand. As long as I stayed on my heels which is where I supposed to be I didn't feel any pressure on my foot. Getting up and down on the floor has always been ackward for me because of the knees, all I needed to do was pay attention to the injured foot.

I did well but forgot to time the WOD because I wanted to concentrate on the logistics on moving.

Along came day 5 (Friday) and I wanted to WOD again. Because of limited space and the success I had the day before I kept the same WOD and this time remembered to time it.

9:32 - not too shabby with a gimpy boot. 

Can't wait until Monday - My plan is to check out the WOD ahead of time and check with the trainer. If its not something that can be modified well; I'll go to open gym.

Gotta keep babying the foot and keep going.


  1. Good for you modifying your workout.

  2. Keep up the good work .Hope that the pain management works too .
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  3. I'm glad you found a way to work out while being stuck in the boot!

  4. Good for you, Lynn!


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