Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday for scrapbooking

CK magazine 2012 July/August edition.
I thought I'd randomly grab a mag from my stash and as it so happened it aligned
perfectly as in some areas of the world summer is almost upon us.So I searched for dog earred pages just to see what I liked two-years ago and how it may differ from now. And it looks like - I seem to have the same dog earring likes then as now. 
Love the strips and circles and doesn't kraft paper make you swoon.

Shocking.And this one is sooooo heritagy. 
I love the colors, the design. And the frame for the photo.

And isn't this a fun project??? Totally doable. Most of those items can be found easily enough in my corner of the world.

More kraft. I'm sensing a pattern here. Yunk Yunk!!! Love the strips, the 3 photos and banner to name a few.

Hmmm...I picked this for April however, I know I could so work it. Reminds me of Simple Scrapbooking. I miss that mag too.

And even though this is in a frame, the design with all its cool features can be done on a page. 

I have 2 of these printer boxes for about 3 years. It's kicking my butt as in Lynn's afraid to do it (said in a sing song voice). Sigh. Actually this looks easy, doable and so cool.

 And as a matter of fact - there's a page. Wow - doesn't that transfer back and forth nicely.

Love the simplicity of this. 

And this is just smokin' awesome. Love all the envelopes, tags, banners. Oh this is so on my list. 

It appears I'm all over the board - more or less, and I like that. 
There is a somewhat graphic nature to my picks. 
And also, I like the fact that these while somewhat trendy, stands the test of time and will look great today, tomorrow and in the future. 
- I noticed this because I have some pages that you and I both know 
 we can absolutely date.
Like bell bottoms, big hair, and blue eyeshadow.
And that is okay too.


  1. I can't wait to see what you "lift"

  2. Gorgeous projects here…. love the printers tray one!!!

  3. Love the projects you've bookmarked, Lynn! Can't wait to see how you're inspired by them. :)


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