Saturday, May 3, 2014

Morning in the Everglades


Sitting on the deck with our boat rocking gently while having our
caffienated beverage. Coffee is nector of the gods.
Just sayin'......
It doesn't matter how you wake up in the morning, coffee always makes it better.
It was a beautiful sunrise with just a bit of breeze as the Captain checked
for optimal conditions on when we should hit the water.

He determined that morning was better as showers were called for later in the day.
And for once the weathermen were right.
So we hopped in the boat and headed out on our shakedown cruise.
There are a few bugs to be worked out.
It's been awhile since we had a boat, so we are remembering things as we go.
In some cases, we need to remember faster.

We proceeded to cruise up and down the 'glades.

The waters in 'glades are really tricky and the signs they have out there 
do not mark the channels. The water levels change exponentially therefore
a heightened sense of awareness is called for.
We watched as locals zigged and zagged their way through and lurked 
about waiting for our chance to jump their wake and follow.

A boater did come our way and we followed him out to the gulf waters.

Its a good thing the Captain had purchased a boat GPS because it was
really confusing on our way back and having "track back" on helped us
through the low waters and numerous look-a-like "islands." 

Hopefully the weather will turn again tomorrow and we'll be able to go
out again and I'll keep my camera near so I can photos of the 'islands."
Its tricky moving around on a small boat - 
especially when "grace" is your middle name.

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  1. You are right about coffee! Lovely to be in the Everglades and with a boat!


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