Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Envelope from Studio Calico

 Each month upon stalking the UPS dude, my Studio Calico kit comes.
And all the goodies are protected in this envelope. And I saved each and every one of them.

I honestly didn't know because I really haven't thought about them much except I knew enough to save them. And in thinking the possibilties now. 
OH my.
So my first thought when I had to transport this amazing printer's tray I had completed in time to make this trip, was hmmm......just maybe it would fit because SC packs a lot of goodies in there.
And wow, it slid in there perfectly along with an 8x8 page.
And isn't that kind of lame - one page.

And because I waited until the last minute to discover this, I didn't decorate it.
My bad.
And NO, I'm not handing in my scrapbooking badge because of that.

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