Friday, May 30, 2014

Beautiful brisk (to us) sunny day in NH

We were totally rooting for a sunny day, after that anything else was a bonus.
I was comfy in jeans, tee and a hoody.
The grands came ready for a sunny, hot day.
I seriously missed the hot part.
So here's Q-man clinging to the monkey bars.
Boy after my own athletic abilities. 
For now.

And brothers hanging out on rooftops.

And each swinging in their own way.

And grammy got to push her - really really high. I ducked in front to grab a pix (or maybe mom did it). 

The slide was a total hit and they were lining up for turns.

It was really high with a long slide going down. Anyone remember bringing waxpaper along to rub on it to make it go faster.

And she needed to beat her brothers down and ran ahead for the next slide. 

Love this look. Caught her. She's a wily and cagey when it comes to photographing her. For once I was quick on the draw.

And the boys couldn't resist hanging on the roof tops of all the cool stuff. (see below)

Lil miss getting driving lessons from mom in the big wheeled 4-wheel drive (I'm sure) truck. Very cool.


  1. love it!!! can't believe how fast they are growing!!!

  2. Fun times with really cute grand kids! nice pics too, I know how fast they are...


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