Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday scrapbook picks

from the 2011 CK tips & tricks issue.
I love this one because its cute. 

 And the banners are starting already. And flowers - I've always adored flowers and have tried to get away from them but they do add something to page.
I really love the colors and the design.

And the flowers that make the Christmas tree. I'm so going to try and remember that this year.

I love the colorful, artsy feel of this.

More flowers and very girly.

Love the design.

And this one too. Different colored papers that at first look odd but really mesh together.

An 8.5x11 2 pager. I love how the flowers shine.

Again the design rocks.

Love the flower clusters and journaling strips. Very pretty.

This was part of a 2pager and I liked this page better. I love the mists and again the flowers make me swoon.

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