Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Too many choices....

I like choices especially when traveling.
It still depends on what fits the ole bod at any given time.
Hate that.
Working on it.
Dumb boot.

And that's just how I roll.
Packing for a 3 day cruise?? LOL.
Nope a 13 day camping/RV'g adventure.
And you can't have too many choices especially going 
into different climates - where summer hasn't yet appeared.
Space isn't an issue since I claimed the
biggest and best cubby.
And since I rearranged everything - 
I know where there is more room.

And I plan to not have to do laundry. This means
the Mr. may well be in big trouble
traveling light.

Heading up to see the grands.
They've been warned. 


  1. have bunches of fun and let that foot heal:)

  2. Safe travels and have a wonderful time!!

  3. Have a wonderful trip, take all that you want! Good idea on no laundry...maybe the kids will do it for the mister. ;-)

    Pics, we need pics, of the trip!


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