Sunday, June 1, 2014

In or around places in Vermont

I adore old country churches that were used for anything and everything; worship, town halls, socials.. Trying to keep all the road signs out and wires. I never knew there were that many wires and road signs and how annoying they are.

And the clouds were rolling this day. 

And just being gorgeous and wild.

More clouds but I do love a good bridge. 

And store fronts - don't they just make you swoon. It was sad to see that many abandoned in the little town of Bethel (I think).

Couldn't help this - we were by the side of the road whilst map consulting and there was a little bit of water coming out of the ground. And this sign. What you don't see are all the danger signs about NOT drinking this water without boiling.

And clouds and bridges and mountains oh my....

And then as you come over the rise or around a turn - there are HUGE windmills.
 By the time I got my act together they were surrounding this farm. 


  1. Love the churches too and the old bridges. So beautiful. More please~
    Would love to visist the country like you guys do!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love seeing your travel photos!

  3. beautiful pictures as always love the church

  4. Beautiful pics! I too love clouds and mountains, oh and bridges, and, and...



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