Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 of us...

This was another page in a series of picking out the papers
and putting the page together and then picking
out the photo to go with.
And it has been a blast because I did what I wanted.
I'm very good at that. 
I got out some Anthropology spritz from Tim Holtz
and some cranberry glimmermist which
isn't quite red or pinky.
I also broke out the pinking shears.
That's a photo of me, mom and brother Billy.
The decor slays me.
I think where are at friends of my parents (because I KNOW its not our house)
Don and Blanche Remaley on Berwick St.
except I did get confused by the lamp - it was popular.
Love how turned out. 
Another Heritage page bites the dust!!!
Although hmm...we still need to define heritage.
I mean come on. Moi???


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