Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good day @ the game

Jill sent me a series of photos starting with the boys walking up the steps to Fenway Field.

In fact that was what she titled that photo. And as more photos came over the phone, Jill was sending me a story.

I find that I build better pages if I have the story first.

So in my head I was like OMG! She took a photo of the field and I can I got the idea from Miss Ashley over at purplemailbox but I had to find this in her 2peas gallery because I couldn't locate it on her blog, however, check her blog out because she is chockful of ideas and makes awesome pages.

Well I first had to determine if they were iphone photos and they were. And although 12x12 flitted through my head, A. I wasn't sure if the 8mp camera would blow up well and B. all the pages I do for the kidlets are 8x8.

So I decided to print out the 8x8 and OMG! (again). It printed out amazing.

Then the remaining photos I decided to use as 2x2 squares to tell the story. Of course the boys walking up the steps and the 2 of them all smiles. I have to admit I was torn because there was another one of the boys from the back looking at the field with their arms around each other.

The smiles won out.

Of course there were two of Amelia on daddy's shoulders and I did the strip a couple of times because I needed a certain order and this was the one that got in. Of course the other one had better smiles. I honestly didn't notice right away. My bad. And the last one came over black and white. My printer which was out of ink and I didn't notice right away printed them all in b&w and it was not quite what I wanted. It just didn't pop.

So I requested the color version and wa-la.

And a story was formed.

 I also used white cardstock to cover up the crowd and use for the title and additional journaling. I made myself cover up the player in the outfield because there was something else catching your eye therefore, the weight needed to be on the left. The journaling is left blank as most always is up to the parents to do and I believe I left plenty of room. And there is always the back since I backed the 8x8 photo on cardstock to stiffen it up a bit.

I am really jazzed - scrapping on a large photo. I have to admit it was hard to start.
IT IS A PHOTO FOR PETE'S SAKE.  It was the hardest part. However, once I started going it did become easier. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!


  1. so glad to hear you say that~I need the story too. Great page and I love what you did~nice techniques (covering the crowd)~looks amazing, yes amazing!!!

  2. LOVE how you used the larger photo with the smaller ones, Loving how your story came together :)

  3. Wow! Love the impact of the big photo and the smaller ones. Awesome page, Lynn!


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