Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nothing better than fresh pineapple.

And its even better when you grow them yourself.
And can call them organic.
No pesticides.
And we have 5 that have become harvestable over the last few days.
And we've been whacking them up and eating them.
So other than taking a picture of this gorgeous one. the rest
will be left up to your imagination.
I have been rooting and planting the tops for a few years.
I started with a store bought pineapple and
after you whack the top off you need
remove all the pineapple and take it down to 
the top bottom. (You'll know it when you see it).
I put them in water and get some good roots going on but
you can stick them right in the ground if you want.
They do love a morning sun.
It takes a couple years to get your first one so patience is required.
So after the first 2 years and since I have about 8 plants
we have been harvesting them almost every year.
You know when they ready when they're more or less golden and
when you touch them, the fall off the vine. (so to speak).
Our pineapples have evolved into sweet and juicy fruit that we
eat straight out of the husk with no frills.
And we have been eating at least one every other day.

1 comment:

  1. I bet it is delish:):) We have nevr had luck at that fruit!!! Hey glad you won the stamps. You will love them.


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