Tuesday, August 13, 2013


These two photos are hysterical.
As I was on the hunt for something scrapable and
these two photos were side-by-side in my aperture file.
And I burst out laughing.
Honestly, it couldn't be helped.
Two hambones.
The sea lion was funny. He was in the pool and
watching his handler every step of the way.
Waiting for some goodies.
Owen was with us just being Owen.
A total hambone.
I had a blast with this page, again using my
Studio Calico kit for this month.
Except for the chipboard alphas and they are basic grey.


  1. love how you used the twine , curled like that. Looks cool!!! Love the pictures for sure. awesome !!

  2. That is really funny! I love how they go together.


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