Sunday, August 11, 2013

Harvested our 5th pineapple of the season....

We've had a very fruitful season this year. FIVE (5) sweet pineapples fresh from the vine. (The greens you see behind it is fresh basil and oregano-nothing better on food than that when cooking).

Knowing that this pineapple was ripe was an accident. New acquaintances from NJ happened to be staying with our friends next door and they were fascinated with our flora and fauna.

 And they noticed the pineapple plants and are astounded that a. things grow and b. you can eat the things that grow. (We find that totally amusing and widespread with folks from the north).

So we told them how sweet and delicious they are when eaten fresh with no pesticides.

And when they went out back to look at one - it was ready to eat!
So Tom harvested the pineapple and we shared it with our new friends to their delight and amazement.

It's so cool to watch them enjoy it.

I am now rooting the tops of the 5 we harvested and I'll be looking to plant them soon. We are running out of real estate for them however, so we need to figure it out. They love the morning sun from the south and rain - lots of rain which we have been blessed to have everyday. What a wildlife.


  1. Oh yum! I didn't know that pineapples rooted from tops would grow fruit. Too bad we live too far north to try it. I can't eat a lot of raw pineapple-it makes my mouth feel burned for some reason. It isn't as bad if it sits in the fridge overnight though. And if I take it easy and not eat too much. Which is tough to do.


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