Friday, August 16, 2013

In a what was I thinking act

The other day I decided to take my camera and go play.
Only problem it was A. in the heat of the day.
and B. really in the head of the day.
I perservered and did prepare
 taking several bottles of water and some trail mix.
Am I a hiker or what.
 Of course I carried an extra lens just in case.
I got to the preserve and noticed there are signs indicating that
said site is under surveilance.
You used to be able to drive through but not anymore.
So hiking it was.
 I was ok with that - but there wasn't a bunch of shade.
And I saw no signs of the wildlife they were boasting about
- mostly birds 
 Its actually a pretty large preserve however, since it was really really hot and
I wasn't seeing anything that I couldn't be seen anywhere else in Florida
or my backyard - which actually has a lot of bird 
and squirell action going on and 
we could qualify for a sanctuary or preserve.
Just saying.
 I backtracked back to the car.
 Sat on the bench for a moment and waited for a breeze or two.
Because I was melting and I should know
better than to be traisping around outdoors in Florida
in the heat of the day.
 And this tree just jumped right out at me and well - 
it was the most interesting thing there. 
So far.
Well except for this turtle who appeared to be on a mission and 
moved really fast - 
The two of us appeared to be the only live beings about.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I sure would not want to go hiking on a hot day!

  2. I think you got some beautiful photo's and kudo's to you for braving the heat!


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