Sunday, August 18, 2013

Way too fast...

I almost fell on the floor when I saw this photo on facebook. I know Cami is growing up fast, but dang, this is way too fast.

I remember her as a little girl and Uncle Tom allowed that she could only cry three times in a day and he would be counting. She would also unafraidedly mix it up with her cousins and show them that girls totally ruled.

Now this is another page that started without a photo. I used some Tim Holtz paper  as a base (I think-the strip was off or nonexistent) and jazzed it up with some grey paint and a crafter's workshop stencil. If you look at the lower left I turned the stencil upside to get the branch - and after I noticed the birds were flying upside down. Must be magic. LOL! An old Swirly doos kit transparency (the last of it I think) and a tag I have no idea what- it was in a transparent envelope. Prima bling, can't place the flower, and thickers. I did fix the T - it slipped upon photographing. I really do like how the stencil turned out. There's also a basic grey rubon that you can't see near the title. PP: authentique, bo bunny, jillybean soup... I did use a honey comb stencil with tan paint under the bird cage stencil and on the other side - it looked stupid. So I covered up. win-win.

Very girly for a tom-boy that became a girly-girl when I wasn't looking. (and she's only 11). Sigh.


  1. She's a beauty and so is this page! Love the birdcages on the paper and carried over to the transparency.

  2. Love the page !!! Yes, she is a young lady. Gorgeous work lynn. When I come to your blog I still think I'm on the wrong blog. Love your blog makeover!!

  3. GORGEOUS! Love the colours and yes it goes by too fast :(

  4. What a beautiful girl and layout to match. Love your new blog look too :)


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