Saturday, August 24, 2013

A What not to do tutorial.....that does end well

My Studio Calico kit came with an Amy
Tangerine embroidry/stencil kit.
It comes with a variety of items; i.e., words,
punctuation, corners etc.
a mat, a punch and needle and thread.
 I chose the ampersand because well - why not.
Chose some paper, laid it out on the mat 
and punched away.
And then I proceeded to sew.
Using a back stitch and following the holes
it wasn't hard to do, remembering
to pull tight but not too tight as paper
is a bit more delicate than fabric.
 And then I noticed I got lost in the sewing 
and forgot it was an ampersand.
Don't do that.
I was sewing an 'S' and it wasn't until I got
to the doohicky (for lack of better word)
that I knew I screwed up.
 No worries. 
I could have pitched it and started over again
but I decided to
  carefully pull out all the thread
I had stitched and begin again.
And wa-la finished product.
I believe I'll be trying a couple more stencils. 
Came out pretty good.
The paper is light blue with brown thread
and now its sitting on my desk 
waiting for a home.
Stay tuned.
It may take awhile.


  1. so fun! Love seeing a tutorial from you :)

  2. I'm totally addicted to stitching on my layouts Loved the tutorial and it's so something I would do ;)

  3. Came out great-don't you love it when you can fix it!!!

  4. I think it looks great, Lynn. Glad it was a fairly easy fix. :)


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