Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Girl with a parasol

I have done this photo many times; adding into my heritage pages, a comparison page, and my roots album.

However, this is the original.

Sitting in the way-back box was doing it no good so it was time to do it again and get it protected before it just falls apart.

Which would annoy the snot out of me.

I love the paper. Could be a Studio Calico kit paper as its designed by Josephine Kimberling and I have some really cool diecuts from her that I had ordered from SC that I am using on another page, so I'll assume it came in a kit, because honestly I would have never bought that on my own. And what a shame that would've been. I love it. I have to tell you though, it did sit around with the photo on it for about a week before I actually committed.

Everything in its time.

Of course there's no date on the photo, so I'm guessing that my Gram was about 16-17? maybe. So that makes it about 1924. I love the dress and then the parasol accessory. Who knew Gram could be a fashion statement. Actually I did. She did keep up on fashion and I can't tell you how many times she would inform me that this or that style was "all the go."

The stamps and cancellation actually came from my Grandpop's collection of stamps, cancellations and envelopes, so it was cool to add to her page. The bits of paper are basic grey and authentique, with some magic mesh, dusty attic fountain, and heart doily. Thickers and basic grey alphas. And the bird is recollections I believe and that is the last one. Woo hoo!!!

Stash has been used.

Got my new Studio Calico kit today and already jumped in - and that is unusual as I usually fondle everything for a day or three before using any of it.


  1. LOVE your use of pattern paper, It's something I usually shy away from.

  2. What a gorgeous old photo. Love it paired with that bright pp.


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