Friday, October 30, 2015

Interrupting scrapbooking for travel

 to New Hampshire to visit the grandkids
and had a lovely ride on a
really pretty autumn day.
Since this photo was taken with my iphone
and it was shall we say - blurry
I did a "lomify" preset from Thomas Fitzgerald
and it loooks like a painting and
less than a photo gone wrong. 
 Jill picked up her friend Corina and we had a
brunch at the Hilltop Farm which
also makes a really mean Salted Carmel latte.
Their veggie omelet was amazing
made with all fresh organic ingredients straight
from the fields.
And the cafe is in this adorable farm house.
 Beautiful colors - a barn with a matching tree.
 And a store where if you belong to the co-op you
can purchase a variety of veggies, raw milk and goat cheese.

And then, a unicorn came out to play and....
a werewolf.
After all it was a few days after the full moon
where the magic still lingers.


  1. Sooo pretty! I'm jealous. You were just north of where I used to live before moving to NY. :)


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