Sunday, October 25, 2015

Aftermath of the crop & First page completed

Dragging it all out of the car and dumping
it on my desk - it really wasn't too
hard to put everything back.
Somethings I just threw in exactly as is so the
basket and yellow tub went
right back on the shelves and the 3
baskets were diecuts and punches went
easily back in their drawers
as well as the inks, paints and mists.
I'll have to remember doing that next time.
First up was this kit that was actually the first one.
I think I was doing them in order.
Who knew.
 I really love that yellow and black - however
it had cut aparts on it - and not realizing - I whacked something
out of the middle - SIGH - so I need to figure how
I can salvage it.
I actually wanted to use that paper until.....
 I figured the circus theme would be fun for my
sleeping Amelia - and it did start as a 8x8 BUT.....
 I started the embellies on the right side and decided that it needed to be 12x12
because I couldn't fit them on the page.
And I had packed the other piece soooooo win-win.
I did use the orange from the writing to make it pop off the page
and in the title.
And the adorable transparency lion fit just perfect.
I jacked the title from her mama's hashtags which is
why I really wanted to make it 8x8 -
Sorry Jill you'll have to get a bigger album LOL.

All Studion Calico - expect for bow and Sissix die..
I actually completed 4 kits - and helped my pal Holli finish
100 wedding invites. We rocked it.


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