Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Their handwriting for their journaling

Imagine my delight and consternation when I discovered that
the back of the photos were chockful of information.
Information that we wouldn't have today because those that know-
are no longer with us.
I don't know about you, but I just about swoon when I see anything
personal from an ancestor which is why
I can get over the fact that they wrote on the back and have at times
come through on the photo.
I'm finding I can live with that
because nothing is more personal than handwriting.
Therefore, the photos with the writing were  printed to
 archival paper and added to the page.
I'm hoping my hubby's sister or maybe said hubby - although I find men really
don't pay attention - maybe they'll be able to identify who's
 handwriting it might be.
And that will also be noted.
I love also that addresses were added as well so 
old homesteads, if they're still standing, can be found.


On this page is my FIL - as a baby and a graduate.
I decided to combine them because I
absolutely love then and now
pages don't you?

Are these bows adorable or what
and yes I got girlie with a man page but if you check out the handwriting... 

you'll notice it says at the house before the wedding - so this goes with
the wedding photo from yesterday- the parents 
getting ready to drive to the church.

I found another photo of Tom's dad and the 
journaling on the back is amusing.

FIL's dad owned a plumbing business and...
it appears that someone made a "laundry list" of plumbing parts
on the back of the photo - for a customer.
Just picked up the nearest thing and started writing.

The 5 is on there - because on the back of the
photo its noted - the 5 sisters.
What a beautiful photo of my hubby's grandmother
and her sisters - altogether for a group shot.
How priceless is it to 
have their handwriting transcend time and space
  letting them
tell their story - no matter how brief in
their on writing and words.


  1. These are fabulous, Lynn. You're so lucky to have not only the photos, but the story behind them too.

  2. what an amazing collection of vintage family photos you have! and to have the handwriting too,. Wow! BL

  3. Love the vintage photos and handwriting! How cool! BL


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