Monday, October 19, 2015

When a photo isn't what it seems

This photo was so not a hotbed of information so
I took to the Clan page on FB to see
if someone from the family could ID the person
in this photo.
I, at first, thought it was female.
 And you will too.
I did some light stamping on the background using
a "handwriting stamp" and one with dots
just to give it a bit more dimension.
Why do I keep forgetting stuff like that?
It's very annoying.
I used gold mist on the flower and twigs to brighten
up the kraft paper I die cut them from
And found circles.
It seems I'm into shapes as well these days.
The little cancelled stamp from my grandpop's collection
adds a pop of color - love that and
the little heart came from the die cut box.
 I loved the brightness of the leaves which popped off the photo
so I spread them around the page to draw your eye.
And then to my surprise the photo was identified
as a boy - and wasn't I shocked.
I proceeded to do searches on 1900's confirmation outfits
for boys and the pants, boots and shirt fit 
but not the cape and sassy hat.
Knights of Columbus came up but I couldn't confirm that
either and its not leaning towards Halloween.
Takes alot of confidence for a boy 
to pull this off.


  1. Just love your attention to detail with stamping the background, the leaves, and the circles.

  2. What a lovely layout, love the details and design too. BL

  3. What a lovely layout, love the details and design too. BL

  4. Great page, Lynn! You must be having so much fun trying to figure these photos out.

  5. you are amazing with these old photo's!! **love**** yep thought it was a girl.


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