Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taking my devotions to the next level

If you have not yet found Shanna Noel at Illustrated Faith.com, you need
to check it out. I found her by following Amy Tangerine
another talented scrapper, both on many design teams.

Shanna and her team takes devotions and Bible studies 
to a whole new level in using their  "journaling Bible".
I had no idea journaling Bibles even existed - I just wrote in the
itty bitty margins hesitantly or an everyday spiral bound notebook.
Not a whole lot of creative juice going on there.
Although if you guys think about it - you know from previous posts
that I have issues ripping out pages from an 
out of date dictionary so to actually do something in a Bible
wouldn't even cross my mind.
Until now.
Please check out the illustrated faith blog because they can explain
it way better than I can since I have only progressed
to the point of getting the cover done.

So I purchased the NIV journaling Bible - it also comes in ESV version
however, I have mostly used NIV so I stuck with that.
The difference is there are lines in NIV for journaling and on in ESV.
I ordered it from Amazon and danced around for weeks
waiting for it to arrive.

Once I had it clutched in my grubby little mitts,
and after days of waiting for the inspiration and guts to start, last night
 I daintily began to spread some gesso on the front cover.
My thoughts were to keep the cover minimal
so that it wouldn't get too torn and trashed.
I also had the mindset that if I really screwed it up with the paints
 I could cover it up with paper. 
Plan A and Plan B.
 I then spread some watercolors on and after letting it sit overnight
decided that they were a bit bold.
 I became braver and added some white enamel paint to mute
the colors and decided that doing the entire front
looked better than just a colorful blob
in the middle of page.
 As you may have noticed in the past I have trouble stopping,
so adopting a somewhat cautious mindset
I decided to stop here because I can still see the
polka dots, which I like, and the colors seemed somewhat less wild.
 I broke out my Technique Tuesday stamps - that I had forever
and they had a goofy unused quality to them.
In fact, my "g" fell apart. Sigh.
I went with stamps because as you know, my handwriting caves
under pressure - and the pressure would be unbearable.
Although if you peek at the top I did feel brave enough to actually
write the verse there.
I will be using them a bit more - love the fonts I have on hand. However,
when I purchased them years ago I was in my
eecummings phase - where I wasn't using capital letters.
I did find one set that thankfully was all caps because 
I didn't feel right using a lower case "g" for God. 
I kept the cover simple because I'm brave that way.
I picked this verse because I loved singing it in church for the Offertory and 
it just seems right for the start of devotions.

As I progress, which is being even more brave, as I actually 
pu my thoughts creatively on the inside pages.


  1. This turned out beautifully, Lynn! I can't wait to see more!

  2. Beautiful! LOVE the joyful colours you used!


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