Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little bit of background play with an onion bag, ink and stamps

I've been playing around a lot lately and its been a lot of fun
in spurring the creativity.
As you can see I broke out the ole onion bag
and commenced to pounce ink around.
Love the different look it brings to the polka dot paper.
Broke out a flash from the past - a Creative Cafe stamp
and commenced to stamping around the page.
 I apologize for the blurry-ness as it looked okay on
the camera screen.
 Its hard to double check photos when you're in the zone, however, you get the drift
of fun inkiness spread around the page.
While I was in a stamping mode I continued on with some rectangles and circles.
I also splattered mist about because seriously there really wasn't 
enough going on. :)
 And then began the layer process around the photo.
And I swear in real life that color green on the pinwheel is more BLUEgreen
than green in real life.
 Still have trouble stamping with the Shimelle stamp
and honestly I worked in the school library - I really should know how it goes.
 I adore this cluster with its ridiculous cuteness of layering.
 And the finished product.
I still swear it's not as green. Really.
And you just have to wonder what's going on in the mind of a 3 year old.
Actually its probably better not knowing. LOL.

 Authentique, Simple Stories, Echo park, Creative Cafe, Studio Calico stuff,
Shimelle, and Paper Issues Swag Bag.


  1. Super fun inkiness going on here, Lynn. Love how this page turned out!

  2. What is the onion bag for? It looks amazing love the stamping clustered around the photo.

  3. Very cool technique, I may need to try it ;) Loving how it all came together especially that pop of red!


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