Thursday, March 26, 2015

Created a title using a snowboard term

Yes there is a snowboard glossary.
Who knew.
 I did because it seems to be my son's family's
favorite pasttime and I can't keep using the same one over and over
and over and over again.
There are alot of snowboarding photos.
 Love these 2 pictures and I wanted them on the same page
therefore I went to a tried and true design for me.
Because they were two difference sizes its easier for me and my hair
pulling to mat them on one mat.
 Also, the bottom photo had alot of white space going on
and being the brave scrapper that I am - I put the majority
well okay all of my embellishments on the photos.
 Love how it turned out - although I wish I would've noticed
the strip was crooked before the glue dried.
But no matter - it works out mighty fine.
So the title "crunchy kid".
Crunchy in snowboard speak means "cool."
Therefore Miss Amelia is a "cool kid."

Studio Calico, Shimelle, Thickers, Echo Park.


  1. very cool page and love the crunchy kid :)

  2. Really great page, Lynn! I'd have to say it's really "crunchy". :)


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