Thursday, March 5, 2015

Playing with watercolors and....

it only took 17 years to get our wedding photo on a page.
The photos were taken with film and of course,
I can't find the negatives.
So I took a photo of the photo and the quality is shall we say.....
However, what have I always told you about bad photos?
Scrap them anyway!
 My pal April sent me these textured butterflies and I've had them forever.
You can paint them and spiff them up but for this page
I really liked them au naturale.
 And that feather you can barely see is wax paper. 
I decided to keep it and use it because it looked so cool.
A die cutting hint: If you have intricate dies use wax paper in order
to retrieve them from the die without mauling them.
Of course, what I didn't notice is that these dies had little holes that if
you take a pokie tool - you can poke them out. doh.
However, the wax paper feather was a win-win for the most part.
I really love that it came out so soft and pretty.
And I used my circle and square cookie cutter dies.
I'm loving them, again.
As you will see I've kinda gone on a spree with them.
It'll pass.

Studio Calico hearts, Bo Bunny, Basic Grey, the sparkly watercolors,
and Shimelle.


  1. that's Ok ~ it got done and it is amazing!!! love the page.

  2. This is just GORGEOUS even with the "meh" photo. LOVE it!

  3. So sweet! Glad you finally did your wedding photo page! :-)


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