Sunday, March 8, 2015

We took the camper out for a ride

And it took us to Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area
which is a wonderful place for not only
a day trip but a few hours only trip
where we spent most of the afternoon loafing.

It started out as a lovely sunny day, however, as we neared
the park - the sky turned dark and dramatic.
(for those of you newbies - it means cloudy).
And it happens to me a lot - especially when traveling.
I'm sort of getting used to it.

While we lounged and enjoyed the view, finally some wildlife
came appeared within my viewfinder.
Some had to be track down - others just popped on in.
Others left their imprints.

Loved the wildflowers and weeds growing everywhere.
Black eyed Susies - 
my second favorite next to Daisies.
 That is a panther track - that we just happened to park near.
And verified it on the internet.
Isn't google wonderful.
 Thistles were amazing in attracting various critters.
A thistle happened to be close to my chair so I didn't have to
make a bunch of sudden movements and
honestly, the critters let me get quite near.
Yes I did have my 18-135 on - but I still needed to get
up close and personal to get closer that from
where I was sitting.
 The butterflies spent hours on that thistle.
I have 09879879709708970 photos and only 5 worthy.
 Black-eyed Susies.
 Back to the thistle.
 Beautiful coloring.
 And this adorable periwinkle flower.
Love the name periwinkle.
 And this badboy must have scared the snot out
of someone because he was beside
the road with his throat cut and rattler taken.
Ladies and gents.......
the Eastern Diamond backed Rattlesnake.
Which is a shame because it is his habitat afterall.
 And as the sun came out the birds (or bird)
came out to sun.
And hmmm I managed to post every photo with dramatic skies.
I'm very skilled that way.


  1. Nature is beautiful and your photography is fabulous, Lynn! I think I'd be scared away to be in panther and rattlesnake territory though. I'm a baby like that. True story. LOL!

  2. love the pictures~ you got some awesome shots!!!

  3. Those are some very cool shots! And like Lisa I'm a baby too and would not be going anywhere near panther

  4. Amazing shots, Lynn! So nice that you got the van out. Any big trips planned?


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