Friday, March 6, 2015

Mat-Background papers created with gelatoes

This background paper was created when my pal
Holli and I were messing around with gelatos way back when
I had my knee surgery which was April 2013.
Wow. :|
Those painted pages actually got lost in the immense amount of papers 
I acquired over the years
and after I did that major purge - wa-la.
Found it!
Better late than never.
And there are more where that came from.
 So I whacked down the 8.5x11 custom made paper to use as mats
and background paper.
 ooo ooo and peaking out from that leaf is my homemade washi tape.
I also worked in "totes magotes" saying that came in my kit -
with a bunch of other creative and sayings and
honestly, I should be getting points for that because seriously -
those words need to be outlawed - LOL! 
The transparency fruits were fun to work with, using Zots
to adhere them down. Zots are very sticky
and if you rub them in you can barely see them
through the transparency or
if you creatively layer something else over it
- same result or just don't worry about seeing the adhesive. 
I did build this page without any photo in mind.
After which I did find the perfect photo in my iphone downloads.
How spot on was that.
I even worked in that wooden thing from Studio Calico
and I'm thinking points for that too.
Actually it is a pretty cool element- and while it has dimension
it really doesn't make the page "too fat".

I did have issues with the photo strip - I kept trying to find photos to
fit on the strip and after pulling my hair out during the search
I decided that it could be used for journaling- doh!
Amelia loves her fresh picked apples!

Studio Calico, Kaiser Craft, Thickers, gelatoes, homemade enamel dots.



  1. love this one~ pretty, pretty awesome!!!!

  2. This is FANTASTIC!! LOVE those layers!!


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