Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shhhh..another gift album and blanket

We had a lovely, relaxing time in the keys.
Being unplugged the majority of the time was really different
and I totally enjoyed it. I do have some
photos that I need to photoshop - I didn't take my computer
out the entire time we were there.
Shocking I know.

And, I was totally bummed that I couldn't attend the shower.
However, I love doing baby stuff - and who doesn't
so its a good thing we got some baby birthin' going on.
This time I went with Little Yellow Bicycle.
 Its a very fun line and I tried to not be so bossy with this one.
I think I only gave a couple hints and tips.
 Love the pocket and tags - that is fun and new for me
and you can bet I'll be incorporating this in the future.
Added some transparencies to protect the pages and add some fun.

 It came out as a mix of whimsical and pretty.
I also got brave and crocheted my first baby hat.
I had a couple of false starts because I read well enough- but don't follow
directions too well. LOL.
It's probably too big for a newborn because when I was rolling
on the 0-3 it just looked way to too small.
In hindsight though a baby's head needs to be that small at first.
It's been awhile.
Well Miss Harper can grow into it.


  1. The book, hat and blanket are all beautiful...truly something for the family to treasure!

  2. Oh my, Lynn! Everything is so pretty. So perfect and beautiful! So many treasures wrapped up in this special collection of gifts. :)

  3. awesome gift lynn. Mommy and baby will love it :) Glad you are back !


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