Monday, March 16, 2015

Remember the gelato and watercolor play where

Playing had it moments?
Well to refresh your memory go here and
you'll find 3 of them didn't quite make the cut.
However, not one to be defeated, I dug them out of the trash,
 whitewashed and watercolored once again
and gave them another shot.
The bike and chandelier are a couple of stamps. 
The bike was original to the "brown" one and if you'll remember I put the stamp
on the mount backwards and ened up with a black blob.
Stamping correctly has its pluses.
The chandelier replaces the houses I previously stamped -
you remember that I had no clue
what to do with because really it needed more
and I wasn't sure (and still aren't) what more is....
The pink one had my lame handwriting which I did with a sharpie
 that only took a few hundred coats of heavy white paint to cover up.
I decided to go with a stencil and modeling paste to add the butterfiles
which look pretty cool and would've looked cooler
had I thought and researched more about the coloring in part.
I have since found out that I could have colored the modeling paste
instead of using the white and trying to paint them
really really carefully.
Love utube.

So stay tuned.
Because I'm as baffled about what to do with these as you are.

My laptop is in the shop please join me as
I "tap my toe" impatiently for its return.


  1. These are super cool, Lynn! I will patiently wait to see how you use them. :)

  2. very cool. I need to practice with gelatos myself!!!

  3. ugh!!!! you are killing me... lol


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