Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I know you're breathlessly waiting for those faux printable watercolor cards

I made here and here with some debacle-ness going on.
Look below and shazam - there's one on my page.
Love it.
I created a special 8.5 x 11 size for it.
I had an ephiphany when rifling through my scrapbooks
and mini albums that somewhere along the
I became boring.
True that.
 Doesn't that bow and feathers make you swoon and homemade enamel dot).

That aside I used to do PAGES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES
and then suddenly I stopped.
And it was 12x12.
Except for baby albums and they don't count. LOL.
I mean in everyday scrapping.
All I can think of is when did that happen.
 Don't get me wrong I adore 12x12.
But I also adore the other sizes.
And then I stopped using different sizes
(except 8x8 which is for the grands).

That is going to change.

 I feel better already.
 My SIL borrowed my sewing machine so therefore I 
have faux sharpie stitches drawn by my hand.
And don't that blow you away. :D
 Kraft paper - I adore Kraft and haven't used that in like forever.
It works so well with my faux printable tag.
Expect more of the same.
In different sizes.
Different yet the same.

Only 7 more faux printable watercolor cards to go.

So the photo is a heritage one and I'm the baby laying in my
great grandmother Ida's lap.
 I have alot of pages about Ida.
She was an amazing woman.
Beside her are my two different grandfathers.
Of course I had a favorite.
And as you can tell from the body language they really didn't like each other.
Therefore based on the April date - I'm figuring it was my baptism
and that is the only reason they are not only in the same room together
but on the same couch.
And someone made them do it.
Hence the title.

Recollections Kraft, Echo Park, Stamps, Mists, Twine and
Cookie Cutter die cuts.
Oh my.


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