Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another All About Me page

Since I feel my everyday life is kinda boring
I  just can't seem to get excited about Project Life - there just
isn't enough going on - not even in a week.
However, I did decide to scrap my morning routine and call it a day.
Crossfit is not boring - let me just clear that right up.
What it is, is an important piece of my everyday and 
I want to document it.
 Since CF photos are few and far between
because everyone is busy working out and not worrying about photos
 every now and then......
some photos that come along.....
 And this is so great - especially when its all my peeps,
 and then some,
 all with whom I stretch, 
sweat, and burn in one photo.
Love that.
 And here's my homemade badge with the initials of my box.
Love that too.
Their names are noted on the back of the page because
there are a lot of peeps since there was only one class and it was
a mix of other that come at different times
and it was sooo cool to be able to meet others.
 This was the Christmas Eve WOD before we got all hot and sweaty.
I also have a New Years Eve WOD-after photo after we're all hot and sweaty..
This is my everyday, including holiday eves, and these are my everyday people.
Love them.


As you can see by now - I also have square QK cookie cutter dies
(along with circles and stars). 
I have more shapes where they came from.

Here's some old Studio Calico paper I had no idea what to do with
but find it works perfectly because it has all the months on it.
And I am there - every month - M-F.

Then after I burn, sweat and stretch I go home take a shower, 
drink a recovery shake
 and then take a nap - a really long nap.
Its the hot shower that does me in I'm thinking.
Yeah, let's blame it on the shower but it couldn't possibly be
that my entire body has a good ache going on.



  1. Love it! And of coarse your story you are doing amazing at cross fit!

  2. Love the use of the frames and love that you are keeping up with your cross fit!!

  3. You are an inspiration! Much respect for getting up and doing crossfit every day! :-)


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