Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Getting messy with mist and ink

Got a little grungy and messy.
Well if your fingers aren't inky and messy
you ain't scrappin'.
Ever since I was introduced to ink and applying
it around the edges of papers, embellishments and really
anything else that could use a bit of ink,
 I fell in love with ink.
It does add dimension and cohesiveness to a page.
And it makes it look pretty or grungy.
 And then mists came along and they just add that
little bit of messy-ness that can take
a plain page or a little bit of white space and give it
some dimension and cohesiveness.
And then there are those times when I just get carried away
and the mists and inks go everywhere.
I'm fine with that - because its either that or I have to start all over again
with probably with the same results.
As I was putting this page together, I pulled out my red mist
and found that the background paper 
(of which I can't think of the mfg at this time)
was more orangey-red than red.
So I added orange mist to be more compatible and it went everywhere
and of course on the photo as well.
Dabbing it off while seemed like a good idea at the time but only
made it smearier in some places.
Ya just got to roll with it.

Love how the page came together inspite of myself.
I used the orange mist to draw lines around the page to frame it.
Isn't that camera adorable???
And those little labels are a flash from the past - Creative Cafe.

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