Monday, September 15, 2014

Reusing the same embellishment on other layouts

Its not like a rule or anything.
And its a different color.
And it works.
So why not?
Since breaking into my diecuts again, I've been having a good time with them.
And if you'll notice the circles (cookie cutters and I just LOVE).
Anyway I liked the way they were on this page 
kind of like a bullseye. 

As I shuffled with these 8 pix around on several different pages
for days (drama much) because honestly a lot of photos baffle me
and so do 2 page layouts which this one is not, I had an extra circle element
and tossed in the corner and it looked great - the color wasn't right
but it was perfect for the space.
Also not alot of call for tree trunks and you'll be very impressed on
how I worked in those 2.
Of course there was no room for journaling so I called on
my linguistic skills of just getting to the point and not rambling.
It worked. For the most part.

The majority is Echo Park - I picked up the Capture Life pack
and the tree trunks, labels, enamel dots and wooden arrows are Studio Calico and an
Evalicious button to finish it up.

We had the best time at the campground with the kids.
There was a playground to hang out on and we were able to build
a lovely campfire for hot dogs and marshmellows.
Doesn't get any better than that.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome design with all of the photos and circles, Lynn!


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