Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mist, splatters and runs, oh my!

Would you believe I added the splat and runs and splatters after the page was completed?
I'm very brave that way and it helps to cover up anything you don't want
misted, splattered or running.
It needed that extra something. 
The page would've been fine without it (and I wish I'd have taken that picture)
but it does add another dimension and/or texture to the page.
AND I got to use the extremely large letters from Reminesce that I've
had for about 100 years. 
No really.
And I have more of that where it came from.
Added some stamping in because well it does add something, and they need
to be used and not laying around being idle.
Got to toss some packaging.
Woo hoo stash down.

Amelia finally getting to play soccer after hanging around on the field
for years, watching the big brothers play.
She is totally ready.
She's got the moves going on.
Can't wait for more action shots.

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