Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going kitchy

It couldn't be helped.
Especially with the delish wooden embellishment
that kinda looked like a soccer ball.
I was going to leave as a wooden embellie....but then.....
I thought what the heck why guess - make it a soccer ball.
And thus began the fun and I use the term loosely.
I was going to individually cut the triangles when I had an aha moment.
Yeah it took an aha lol!
So I traced it around and then with an exacto knife cut the center out.
Honestly I should've just stuck with the triangles.
I know my skill levels and wielding an exacto knife isn't one of them.
They should call them exasperation knives. LOL.
Anyway with only a bit of catastrophe it worked out.

Anyways, the entire page - except for the twine is from a 
Studio Calico Kit.

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