Monday, September 1, 2014

Another breathtaking national park


The moment you drive up to the entry - there's beauty all around.
It's stunning in magnitude and color.
It looks like architecture gone wild because it all seems so precise
and it really does take your breath away.
It also looks like alien script embedded in the walls.
There are also rocks balanced very precariously and have done so
for a lot of years.
We also looked at the rocks like the cloud game- guess what you can see
in the rock formations and this photo looks like a pharoahs head to me
or from the back side a hunched up bird.
Also there is wonder around every corner, and we really need to 
return and take our time. Because you just had to stop and take it all in.
And photograph it of course.
Its times like this I wish I was better at it.
It was a 4 hour ride from our hotel - each way - so that bit into the time
hanging around therefore we blew through the park so we could see as much as possible 
and make the return trip without incident.
It would've been lovely to hike to the arches and look around but alas,
we felt the need for speed.
Naturally as I learn in the mountains, the weather is fickle.
Sunny skies/dramatic cloudy skies.
I'm getting used to it. Sortof.
This is called Park Avenue.


  1. Your photos and this location are breathtaking, Lynn!

  2. your pictures are amazing :) keep em' coming :)

  3. Really beautiful. Some of these look like paintings!

  4. Your photos are spectacular! This is another bucket list destination for me. One day...


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