Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Again, reusing elements on different layouts

I seem to be diggin' circles lately.
And borders - they do create a lovely feel.
And again employing their use on another page even
the same color.
It does make an album cohesive, however, there's really nothing
cohesive about my everyday albums.
And a lot of my pages go in the grandkids 8x8 albums
so that doesn't help with the cohesiveness,
and doesn't that give me the license to use whatever I want,
whenever I want. LOL!
This was basically a driveby page as I couldn't make up my mind
about a lot of things.
I know you're surprised.
It was the new Echo Park I've been working with and
I love the heart page - and all its busy-ness.
So I threw on some gesso and watercolors and then
couldn't decide if I liked it.
Therefore, its mostly covered up.
I also had a couple of leaf branches where the feathers
are now, and decided that looked too girly
and went with just feathers.
Did some stamping, the music is Studio G and the100% boy
is from Recollections and both work perfectly.

And then there's the wood veneer alphas and stars.
Well finding the letters was fun.
For some dumb reason that, I in my infinite wisdom, dumped
every single wooden embellishment I had from Studio Calico
into one big ole bowl.
And doesn't that make for good hunting when you need to make words.

I proceeded to dump everything out of the bowl and now I have
them all segregated according to alphas, hearts, people, and arrows that
I have an amazing abundance of.
As you can see.


  1. I love circles too and how you layered up the feathers on here! Another wonderful page, Lynn!

  2. Just popping to say I read all your posts, but am so foreign to this kind of crafty-ness that I have no idea what to say, except, cute baby! :-)

    1. LOL Lynne - thanks so much!! Scrapbooking is like a virus once you catch it.....I hope to have some more travels sooon!!


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