Monday, September 29, 2014

I have a new rolling stamp

and I used it upside down.
Which surprises you I know.
 However, if you don't look close enough you'll never know.
So sshhhh!!!!
It's our little secret.
I now have a few of them because I love them.
And you'll be seeing more. 

And wa-la.
I scrapped myself, which doesn't happen very often.
Because I'm vain, and I hate looking fat.
Or disheveled.
Or without makeup.
Wellllll this photo happens to nip all them in the bud.
And I love it.
And I love it more because I'm holding my granddaughter.
And that is soooooo golden.
I have no words.
Which is why there is no journaling on it.
Because I can't figure out what to write.
And that's ok.
It'll come.
Love the Studio Calico, and Shimelle, and Paper Issues.
And bits and pieces that I die cut.


  1. So nice to see a photo of you on a layout, Lynn! Love how this turned out!

  2. You look great AND you're holding your granddaughter!


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