Sunday, September 21, 2014

Working some layers

I find it easier to pile on the layers when
you have them right at hand.
And it was alot of fun to add them on.
Actually I find it hard to stop.
Scary, huh.
 Not only did I use my diecuts but I also have subscribed
twice now to Paper Issues goody bags.
And they are chockful of goodies.
I used a mix of course, and I'm trying to get stamps in there as well.
They do add a little something something but
I have a hard time with them.
Therefore I decided to do obvious at first while
I get comfy with it and then let'r rip.

loves to swing
loves to go high
loves to fly.
is two.

Used a mess of stuff from Studio Calico, Quikutz, and Paper Issues.


  1. You've got the layering down pat, Lynn! Love this and the little cluster you created in the bottom corner. Love the banner turned that way. So cool!

  2. stop it:) you are a pro. Looks awesome!!!!

  3. Cool, and I love your poem!


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