Monday, October 14, 2013

This is old Gram... (not)

I actually started this page with a photo. 
Kinda sweeps you off your feet doesn't it. 
Anyway I've scrapped this photo before several times;
as a page, in my many heritage albums and journals so imagine
my surprise when I flipped the back over and 
Sadly (for me) that woman could run circles around any one of us
any time, any place, anywhere. 
It annoyed me in a good way. I never beat her though
until she was in her 80's. 
I wanna be like that.
Brought tears to my eyes - because she was really never old
to me. I admired her immensely. 
BUT I have her handwriting - how cool is that AND
I refuted her statement that I used as a title.
I wanted to use the board paper because she is standing on a board.
Clever eh?
So I decided it needed some texture and stuff, so I whipped out
my gesso and handy-dandy onion bag.
I dumped the gesso on and started smearing it around
and the bag moved.
So then it looked like a white blob.
Thinking rather quickly for me, I whipped out a babywipe
and wiped up as much as I could and then
flinged the bag back down and started to rub over it.
I did get some texture back, but just to make
sure I decided to use a black stamp with circles and used it
over top of the white sortof textured blob.
And then a flower stamp was required because while I was
being not happy with my onion bag I found that
round thingy that I also used as a template to smear stuff such as
paint, gesso, ink around with
on other pages.
AND its okay to swoon here the colors were
really perfect with what I sort of had in mind and it ended
up being NOT the colors I had originally picked out.
I copied the back of the photo and cut it down and then couldn't
figure out where it would work. 
Flowers, my fall back in any tense situation, became
the base for the fancy signpost after 
rearranging everything 13984710928374109847 times.
Well I had to be sure.
And that left enough of a gap for the journaling.
Doncha love it when a plan comes through?
AS if.
Anyway my gram is about 23 in the photo and in the 1930 
census her occupation was laundry and living at home.
She lived on Island Park Rd in Glendon, PA.
I had to look it up because I only know one road
through Glendon and that one wasn't it.
If you know anything about laundry back in the day - it
was a lot of hard work. I remember she had a wringer
washer until I was in jr. high. It worked so no sense
fixing something that ain't broke.
People back then totally knew how to do it.

So I used American Craft-Dear Lizzy, Prima, Bo Bunny and Basic Grey.
Sixxix and QK dies.
M's stamps.
Kaiser Kraft flowers.


  1. Super heritage page, Lynn! Love the mixed media touches and the story behind the photo and your product choices. :)

  2. The picyure is as amazing as your story. I agree I hope I'm like that:):) awesome post Lynn!!


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