Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The adventure begins

And wasn't this page an adventure, which shocks you I know.

It started out on different background paper that is now in the trash because I got clever and drew some lines around it with mist.  (actually felt sorry for it and pulled it out). Its pretty paper and maybe able to be saved but I didn't like the look of it after it was done. Maybe it'll work for the next layout.

I also had another circle too well the circle accent that was a different shade of blue/green and had a saying on it that I liked. Well I painted mist around the edge of the paper of the circle. And it looked stupid. And there was no fixing it. I also didn't like the other colors on there either - it was all very jarring. I broke out the pinking shears to give the mat a different look.

So I tossed everything and started again.

Of course this next set of papers came from Studio Calico kits, as well as the stars, stamp, mist, and the wooden conversation bubble. AND I didn't MESS with anything. The edges are inked some really light prima ink that blends in and added some Mr. Huey copper mist splatters about and called it a day before I could be aggravated again by goofing something else up.

For some reason this day was just one of those days. I managed to power through it by knowing when to quit. LOL!!!

I love this photo and tried to keep this one simple as well with the focus on the two brothers embracing each other. I just love their affection for one another and photos like this are priceless.


  1. happens to the best of us. Sometimes nothing seems right, but I like this one and the photo is darling!!!

  2. So glad you were able to work through it. I've had some of those days myself. Love how this turned out!

  3. Love this. What an ordeal you had with this LO. But this one turned out great. I Love the star cluster. Great photo also.

  4. I love that photo! The stars and splatters are the perfect touch! I'm loving the end result and have had many of those


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